Mastering Communication Advanced Program

Learn to collaborate, influence, get cut through and deliver compelling messages - driving your career success long into the future.


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Key Program Information


2-day Live Training + 8-week Online Support


Virtual/Face-to-face workshop + online modules

Who is this for?

Employees - Emerging Talent - People Leaders - CEO's

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Master the skills to drive action and lead outcomes in your workplace – in every context. No matter if it’s up, down or across the organisation.

The ADVANCED 2-day public version of our signature Mastering Communication program is ideal if you’re an ambitious professional who wants to immerse themselves in the methodology and see a long-term sustained shift in their communication capacity. The extra time and content delves deeper than our ONLINE option, allowing for more nuance, more time to practice and invaluable feedback. 

We offer face-to-face (COVID allowing) or live Zoom training spread over 2-days, providing you with lifelong career skills you can apply immediately in your world. This course digs beyond the surface of ‘communication skills’ providing additional topics – such as advanced business storytelling, mastering Q&A, and personal brand – that help shape careers and develop leaders of the future.  

You’ll prepare for an upcoming delivery of your choice in the sessions and receive individual coaching and feedback from our facilitators. Immersed in our CJM communication methodology, you’ll have ample opportunities to absorb, rehearse and discuss with your peers and coaches. 

Walking away with step-by-step templates that allow you to design a presentation, pitch, change initiative or project launch on-demand. 

In contrast to traditional “presentation” training – we prepare you to deliver with influence in all communication scenarios; one-to-one conversations, large audiences and most importantly in meetings (where you spend much of your time) with your peers, leaders and clients.

What will I learn?

Our three step communication framework Diagnose, Design and Deliver provides a refined structure for all delivery scenarios. Ensuring you can then – 

  • Communicate with confidence: Feel more confident communicating with different seniority levels so that business strategies have a greater opportunity to succeed.
  • Build executive presence: Build a strong personal brand that allows you to stand out and have an impact in the organisation.
  • Boost influence and buy-in: Be memorable every time, effortlessly nail your opening and influence skilfully anywhere, anytime.
  • Develop advanced business stories: Elevate capacity to influence effectively using conversational business stories that motivate, engage and change behaviour.
  • Build engaging presentations: Learn how to use your physiology, voice and visual aids to design and deliver confidently… without relying on slides.
  • Prepare and rehearse like a pro: Save time and prepare with confidence (even at the last minute) using our simple and trustworthy design tool.

Who's this for?

The Mastering Communication ADVANCED program is ideal if you are a business leader or in a role that regularly influences, engages and motivates teams, customers and stakeholders. Or if you’re an upwardly mobile professional looking to boost your credibility internally and fast-track your career progression – this is for you.  

Elevate your capacity to persuade, engage and compel people to take action in 1:1 conversations, team meetings or presentations.

Job roles where this course has been helpful –

  • senior leaders who have to inspire and drive activity across large divisions
  • subject matter experts who need to distil complex ideas 
  • project/change managers who need to influence and collaborate across orgs 
  • positional managers who need to motivate and lead a team
  • sales professionals who want to engage and have cut-through
Employees Employees
Emerging Talent Emerging Talent
Emerging Talent
People Leaders People Leaders
People Leaders

Upcoming dates

Review our upcoming program dates and where to book below.

Mastering Communication ADVANCED

March 23 + 24, 2022

Melbourne CBD
8:30am – 5:30pm (with regular breaks)


What’s included in the price?

  • 2-day training either face-to-face or via virtual Zoom delivery, small group of 16 people max with a CJM accredited facilitator and CJM coach depending on participant numbers. 
  • 8-weeks online support: to prepare – then embed new skills. This includes short training videos, activities and supportive documents.
  • Intensive deep dive into CJM communication methodology
  • Interactive workbook
  • Downloadable content design templates

Feedback from participants who have excelled after completing the course…

REBECCA HALL | Senior Industry Specialist International Education, Austrade


Nick Preshaw


The program also helped Nick to easily transfer the energy used in face-to-face into the virtual meeting environment.


Celeste De Highden 

Australia Post

Having benefited greatly from our program nearly 5 years ago, Celeste decided to redo our program to refresh her skills and translate them to the virtual format


Vicki Parfumi


Having gained a deep understanding of how to ‘nail the opening’ Vicki now feels confident and set up for success every time she presents.


Daniel Wood


Daniel now feels far more confident with preparation and noticed a significant lift in how his audience responds to his communication.



2-day training either face-to-face or via a virtual Zoom delivery with a CJM accredited facilitator and 8-weeks support. This includes 4 weeks online access before the training to prepare and then 4 weeks post session to embed the training.

This is an immersive experience. We guide you through our methodology, providing lots of new ideas and skills - use a pre-prepared communication to apply the learning in the moment. We will work in groups to trial some of the techniques and you walk away with a fully formed delivery by the end of the second day. Perfect if you have an upcoming presentation, pitch or conversation in mind.

The ADVANCED program allows for 1:1 feedback from our expert facilitators to help you embed the new skills and be the best you can be. We also provide follow up videos that help you practice and keep developing the skills. And our handy step-by-step communication templates are a valuable addition that we hear are kept for many years to support the development of any important communication.

To support the increasing number of organisations and individuals who are working remotely we have extended our existing virtual presentation and meetings segment to ensure that every attendee is able to translate the tools and techniques we teach throughout the program into a virtual setting.

You'll receive a The Colin James Method® certificate of completion at the end of this program. You can add this to your LinkedIn profile and CV to demonstrate your achievement.

We’re happy to invoice your or your organisation (if your company is paying for you), please use the ‘Enquire Now’ option and state you require an invoice.

This public training program draws a broad range of professional attendees across a  variety of seniority levels, job roles and industries.

We provide an inclusive environment where being amongst the wider collective extends your learning as you see the techniques being utilised in different scenarios.

Throughout the 8 weeks, you’ll have 24/7 access to a modern and easy-to-use mobile app where you can access extra learning modules. Inside short training videos help prepare you for the courses as well as providing post-session insights that keep you focused and sustain your learning. 

You’ll also have some activities and reading to do to make sure you hit the ground running on the day and can make the most of time with the facilitator.

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