Jacqueline Bohuslav-Andrews

Yoga Harmony
Corporate Mindfulness Consultant

Melbourne, Australia | Online Persuasive Business Storytelling Course Graduate


“A wonderfully insightful course into the power and relevance of utilising storytelling in the professional landscape! I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Colin – a true ‘Master’ in communication.”

Jacqueline Bohuslav-Andrews is a Corporate Mindfulness Consultant and a graduate of our Online Persuasive Business Storytelling Course. A self-proclaimed fan of The Colin James Method®, Jacqueline registered for our six-week program to delve deeper into the craft of business stories. We followed up with her after the course to see how she found our new program.

How did you feel about the structure of the course?

Jacqueline says she thought the course progressed in “a very natural and orderly way” and it kept her engaged throughout. “Colin is also such an amazing presenter … I found myself laughing in delight – and then bowing to him through the laptop screen. A ‘masterful’ storyteller indeed!!”

She says the repetition of some of the main teaching points gave her “the opportunity to more deeply absorb the material.”

Jacqueline also expressed her delight in the flexible learning options. While the program is designed to be completed over 6-weeks, she was late to start due to an overseas trip.

“Although I took a little longer than 6 weeks to complete the course once I did commence, I was grateful to be able to get through it.”

What elements of this course would you like to take further?

Describing herself as a perfectionist, Jacqueline struggled initially to come up with her own stories, “but I’ve pushed through this”, she says.

After completing the program, she now feels comfortable inserting stories into training workshops to support learning, however kicking off with a story to break the ice is something that she would like to continue refining.

Overall Jacqueline says, “the course felt full and well-rounded”.

How would you rate your learning experience overall?

Always enjoying herself whilst completing the course, Jacqueline says she found learning value in every step. She describes the course as “wonderfully insightful into the power and relevance of storytelling in a professional landscape.”

“I totally loved this course” she says.

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