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Who is this for?

Employees - Emerging Talent - People Leaders - CEO's - Speakers - Facilitators

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We emphasise teaching our students the how, providing tools and techniques they can practice and implement immediately at their next meeting. 

Our online program is like a personal communications coach, available 24/7. Complete the modules fast to prepare for a specific delivery – or spread them out over 4-months ensuring you refine your skills as a master communicator and influencer. Anytime you feel under pressure or overwhelmed by an upcoming presentation or pitch, quickly access a video or worksheet to help you work through the challenges and prep to pack a punch.

What will I learn?

  • Communicate with confidence: Feel more confident communicating with different seniority levels so that business strategies have a greater opportunity to succeed.
  • Build executive presence: Build a strong personal brand that allows you to stand out and have an impact in the organisation.
  • Boost influence and buy-in: Be memorable every time, effortlessly nail your opening and influence skilfully anywhere, anytime.
  • Relevant business storytelling: Elevate capacity to influence effectively using conversational business stories that motivate, engage and change behaviour.
  • Engaging presentation skills: Learn how to use your physiology, voice, visual aids to design and deliver confidently… without relying on slides.
  • Prepare and rehearse like a pro: Save time and prepare with confidence (even at the last minute) using our simple and trustworthy design tool.

“Great material! As a certified facilitator, working on and off in the field for almost 30-years… this is the best online course I’ve seen from the performance aspect and I think it will help me be even more impactful.” – John Roberts, Facilitator, Intel

Who's this for?

Agile business professionals need to upskill quickly to stay relevant. You and your team need to deliver with impact constantly, whether it’s 1:1 conversations, team meetings or presentations, getting your message across in a compelling way is critical.

This course has been designed for a  variety of professionals who need to have impact and influence:



Emerging Talent
Emerging Talent



People Leaders
People Leaders





Speakers &


“Concepts are challenged, broken down and then built up again in a better way. Colin is an absolute delight. Knowledgeable, empathetic, and hilarious. The course was thoroughly enjoyable.” – Rasha Zaklama, Executive Manager CommSec Line 1 Risk, CBA

Course Content

Discover what you will learn in each module of the online communication course.

8 lessons (1-hour)


A warm welcome from our Co-Founders. Giving you insight into what to expect, and preparing your mindset for the journey ahead. You’ll also gain access to valuable resources that you will keep for life.


  • Course overview
  • Introducing the Play.Book and templates
  • The importance of communication skills
  • Setting your learning objectives

8 lessons (2.5-hours)


To be heard your people need to grab their audience’s attention by speaking to their concerns and priorities. In this module, we explore how to diagnose an audience by looking at the outcome from their point of view.


  • Understand the audiences and what they need
  • Tailor messages to be relevant to them
  • Identify what you want them to feel, think and do
  • Get started building your own world-class communication

8 lessons (3-hours)


An introduction to a framework which helps you to make a stellar first impression, every time. 


  • How to nail the opening and close of a communication
  • Overcoming your audience's preconceived fears and objections with ease
  • Introducing yourself with confidence and authority
  • Discover four key steps to delivering something on the spot without time to prepare.
  • Continue building your own world-class communication

2 lessons (1-hours)


We now shift gear to focus fully on your delivery. How do you make your ideas shine? How do you engage your audience and leave them with a repeatable message?


  • A quick introduction to our core delivery methodology, before we dive deeper into each element of the PAVERS® framework
  • How to overcome negative self-talk and increase your confidence 

5 lessons (2-hours)


Keeping people interested and attentive is a challenge with so many things competing for their time and energy. Becoming gesturally aware will help you stand out before you speak a word.


  • Learn how to use your physiology to enhance your messages
  • Using anchoring to aid comprehension
  • Using your hands artfully to control your impact 

7  lessons (2-hours)


Communication means nothing to an audience without tone, visuals and the speakers' ability to convey context through energy and emotion. The best communicators understand this and don't leave it to chance.  


  • Ensure your communication is infused with interest, variety and impact
  • Exploring visual aids beyond PowerPoint
  • How to project the right energy and integrate humour effectively

8 lessons (2.5-hours)


Aside from using people's names, inviting interaction, referencing and acknowledging people's input, there are a range of other elements you can experiment with to ensure you build effective relationships during your communication.


  • Using language artfully to strengthen your message and be inclusive of your audience
  • Build the skills  to connect and bond with any audience
  • Managing questions and crowds like a pro

4 lessons (2.5-hours)


Stories save a lot of words because they help the listener create meaning and encourage them to make their own connections as they hear them. However, often people are afraid to employ them in business settings. Learn how here.


  • Learn how stories transform your impact
  • Build your own repertoire of stories
  • Key steps to telling stories that motivate, inspire and engage 


4 lessons (2-hours)


Time to put all you've learned into practice as you review Colin's delivery. Whilst also learning about the importance of brand. Something you will have strengthened immensely throughout this course!


  • Building your reputation at work
  • Learn how to rehearse effectively 
  • Reflect on your journey
  • Next steps to continue your success


What's included?

4-months’ access to 9 training modules. Filled with videos, worksheets, activities & support. Designed for anyone looking to elevate their skills from home or on the go. Our handy iOS or Android app allows you to access our online modules on-the-go 24/7.

This comprehensive course includes –

  • 4-months’ access
  • Interactive multi modal content including 3-hours of video
  • Build your own world-class communication/presentation/pitch from scratch
  • Helpful Play.Book. to guide you through
  • Accountability action setting
  • Business relevant practical activities
  • Step-by-step downloadable templates
  • Digital certificate

“A thoroughly practical and attainable journey deep into the art of communication. Stimulating insights with loads of time to practice, observe and learn how to improve. Would highly recommend to any professional with any level of pre-existing ‘perceived’ skill.” – Gideon Klein, CEO, True North Partners


Mastering Communication Online is self-paced which means you have the flexibility to choose how and when you want to study. 

However, you have 4-months of access to the course content, so you'll need to finish your course within that time frame.

The combination of live training videos, templates, exercises and a helpful Play.Book. ensures skill development is ensured and sustained. We keep participants on track with emails and app notifications, helping them to continually progress with bite-size pieces of content.

You'll receive a The Colin James Method® certificate of completion at the end of this program. You can add this to your LinkedIn profile and CV to demonstrate your achievement. 

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