Colin James

Colin has 30-years experience working with corporate audiences ranging from six to 6,000 people. A deeply engaging speaker and educator, Colin's unique style won him Keynote Speaker of the Year by PSA in 2020 and Australian Educator of the Year in 2008. He has a long been held in deep regard by his training and speaking peers. He will challenge you to step up to your highest capability with the practical 'how-to' that only a master trainer can share.

How To Add Energy To Your Next Presentation

Want to make your next meeting or presentation more dynamic? Here is an easy solution you can use to add energy fast… Have you noticed that you can tell just by the way someone walks into a room whether they are feeling confident or intimidated… they haven’t said anything but it’s the way they carry …

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What A Joke!

One of the challenges with humour is that it is idiosyncratic. We all have different preferences with humour. We find some scenarios funny and others definitely not. Something, which I do not find funny, could be hysterically funny to you. We highly recommend using humour to bring a presentation to life and some ways are …

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Unleash The Thinker

In the brand-new Mastering Communication Program, we uncover five essential hand gestures and how you can effectively apply them when building rapport or giving an emotionally charged presentation. These hand gestures known as the ‘Satir Categories’, were derived by an American psychotherapist named Virginia Satir in the 1970s. She was known for her leading approach to …

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